How to write a competitive project proposal

26. listopad 2019 - 26. listopad 2019

How to write a competitive project proposal

Místo konání: zasedací místnost JAIP, Na Zlaté stoce 1619, Č. Budějovice

Are you an early stage researcher or a doctoral fellow who is expected to apply for funding and write a project application? Not sure where to start or how to stand from of the competition? Get inspired during our seminar.

Writing a project application differs from writing a research article in many aspects. That is why the project writing needs to be based on different information and works with a different communication style.

To win funding you need to understand three basic things – the function of research grant applications, how and why grants are awarded and what helps applications to stand out in competition. Our seminar will help you to understand these three areas and apply this knowledge when writing your project applications.

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