25. únor 2020 - 26. únor 2020



Day 1 Skills for successful research career

What is expected from the research community and how can you select actions for your own research success? The first day of the Winter School for starting researchers will provide you with knowledge related to the following topics:

Research career phases – knowledge and skills expected from you at specific moments of your career (inspiration for what you need to master if you want to advance your career to the next step) and resources for career planning;
Essential skills for the successful management of research projects (what are the cornerstones of research planning and management);
Test your skills in practise – plan your project, eliminate risks, visualize your plan and identify the skills you need to update;
Information resources on individual skills and knowledge development.

Day 2 Researcher in society

A successful research career is related to one´s ability to gain funding. The programme of the second of your workshop will therefore focus on one major topic – money. Specifically, we shall focus on:

Individual strategies to gain funding and possible financial resources (including relevant information sources);          
Aspects of successful grant writing;
What you really need to know about money as a researcher to plan your projects efficiently

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